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Viking Octantis / Polaris - 378 Guests

Antarctic Explorer

This ultimate adventure takes you to the Antarctic peninsula, where you will witness towering glaciers, snow-covered landscapes, immense icebergs and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing. In the footsteps of explorers such as Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott, you will be one of the few to discover the world's last truly wild frontier. Each day brings new surprises and the opportunity to change plans to maximize wildlife sightings and adapt to ever-changing weather.


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    Animals spring to life under the midnight sun, as native penguin and seal species compress the cycle of life into a short season, and migratory birds and whales take advantage of the ocean's rich bounty. Each day in Antarctica affords a new opportunity to witness nature at work.


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    Start DateEnd DateNordic Balcony N2Nordic Balcony N1Deluxe Nordic Balcony DN3Deluxe Nordic Balcony DN2Deluxe Nordic Balcony DN1Nordic PenthouseNordic Junior SuiteExplorer SuiteOwner's Suite
    Nov 02, 2022Nov 14, 202215,19515,19515,59515,79515,99518,99521,995REQUESTREQUEST
    Nov 13, 2022Nov 25, 202213,99514,19514,29514,49514,69517,99519,99530,995REQUEST
    Nov 21, 2022Dec 03, 202213,99514,19514,29514,49514,69517,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Nov 24, 2022Dec 06, 202213,99514,19514,29514,49514,69517,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Dec 02, 2022Dec 14, 202214,19514,19514,295REQUEST14,69517,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Dec 05, 2022Dec 17, 202214,19514,19514,29514,49514,69517,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Dec 16, 2022Dec 28, 202214,99515,19515,59515,79515,99518,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Dec 26, 2022Jan 07, 202315,59515,19515,59515,79515,99518,99519,99527,995REQUEST
    Dec 27, 2022Jan 08, 202315,595REQUEST15,59515,795REQUEST18,99521,99530,995REQUEST
    Jan 06, 2023Jan 18, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Jan 07, 2023Jan 19, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Jan 17, 2023Jan 29, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Jan 18, 2023Jan 30, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Jan 28, 2023Feb 09, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Jan 29, 2023Feb 10, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Feb 08, 2023Feb 20, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Feb 09, 2023Feb 21, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Feb 19, 2023Mar 03, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
    Mar 02, 2023Mar 14, 202315,39515,59515,99516,19516,39519,49522,49531,99539,995
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    Airfare: USD 1,299 per person
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    Nordic Balcony N2
    Deluxe Nordic Balcony DN1
    Owner's Suite
    Nov 02, 2022Nov 14, 202215,19515,995REQUEST
    Nov 13, 2022Nov 25, 202213,99514,695REQUEST
    Nov 21, 2022Dec 03, 202213,99514,695REQUEST
    Nov 24, 2022Dec 06, 202213,99514,695REQUEST
    Dec 02, 2022Dec 14, 202214,19514,695REQUEST
    Dec 05, 2022Dec 17, 202214,19514,695REQUEST
    Dec 16, 2022Dec 28, 202214,99515,995REQUEST
    Dec 26, 2022Jan 07, 202315,59515,995REQUEST
    Dec 27, 2022Jan 08, 202315,595REQUESTREQUEST
    Jan 06, 2023Jan 18, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Jan 07, 2023Jan 19, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Jan 17, 2023Jan 29, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Jan 18, 2023Jan 30, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Jan 28, 2023Feb 09, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Jan 29, 2023Feb 10, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Feb 08, 2023Feb 20, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Feb 09, 2023Feb 21, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Feb 19, 2023Mar 03, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Mar 02, 2023Mar 14, 202315,39516,39539,995
    Mandatory Transfer Package Details:
    Airfare: USD 1,299 per person


    DAY 1: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Arrive in Buenos Aires and meet your expedition leaders and fellow guests; relax during an overnight stay in your hotel. Time permitting, you may wish to explore Argentina's cosmopolitan capital. Influences from Spain, France and Italy all converge here, creating one of the Americas' most engaging and energetic cities. Yet, it is often easy to forget you are in a big city, as the many barrios, or neighborhoods, of Buenos Aires exude an intimate atmosphere.

    DAY 2: Ushuaia, Argentina
    At the very tip of South America, Ushuaia prides itself on being the world's southernmost city, surrounded by subantarctic forests, crystal-clear lakes, pristine glaciers and rich peat bogs. You will arrive today by private charter flight. Board your Viking Expedition ship and take time to get to know your ship and expedition team.

    DAY 3: Cruise Drake Passage
    Named after its discoverer, Sir Francis Drake, this legendary route takes you from the tip of South America into the Antarctic Convergence, where sea temperatures plunge to near freezing in just a few hours' sailing. Here, in the solitary beauty of the Southern Ocean, you may glimpse your first iceberg. Relax, enjoy one of many onboard dining options and take part in briefings by your Viking Expedition Team as you prepare for the adventures ahead.

    DAYS 4-10: Explore Antarctica
    Explore the "Last Continent," covered in ice and teeming with penguins, seals, whales and other wildlife. On exposed land, colorful lichens, basalt cliffs and rocky beaches provide refuge for a variety of breeding petrels and penguins. Stand within sight of Antarctica's majestic mountains. Watch glaciers calve into the sea while seals nap and penguins squabble as they tend to their stony nests. From the comfort of your ship, simply marvel at the majesty of your surroundings.

    DAY 11: Cruise Drake Passage
    Bid farewell to Antarctica by again crossing the Drake Passage, a rite of passage for all polar explorers. As you sail, you may wish to learn more about this historic waterway, continue your studies about Antarctica, simply relax in The Nordic Spa or share your experiences with fellow guests in the Aquavit Bar.

    DAY 12: Scenic Cruising: Cape Horn
    Headland of Chile's Tierra del Fuego archipelago at the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn straddles the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Dutch sailor Willem Schouten, who named the cape after the Dutch city of Hoorn, first rounded it in 1616, and to this day, rounding the cape is a milestone reserved for experienced sailors. On your Viking Expedition ship, you will join the ranks of other intrepid seafarers who have completed this legendary passage between the two oceans.

    DAY 13: Ushuaia, Argentina
    Often referred to as the "End of the Earth," Ushuaia is the world's southernmost city. Depart Ushuaia by charter flight to Buenos Aires. Continue your journey home or choose to explore more with one of our post-cruise land extension packages.

    Viking Octantis / Polaris (Luxury Expedition, 378-guests)

    Experience all the comfort and elegance of the award-winning ship - Viking octantis - an expedition ship built specifically to explore the world's most remote destinations and allow you to immerse yourself in these regions.

    (Click image to view Ship details)


    • At least one complimentary excursion in every port of call/landing site
    • Kayaks, zodiacs, RIBs & submarine excursions (where available)
    • A Viking Expedition Kit with a variety of equipment to explore at no extra charge
    • All Viking Excursion Gear needed for any relevant excursions
    • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
    • Alternative restaurant dining at no extra charge
    • 24-hour room service
    • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
    • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
    • Access to top-rated spa & state-of-the-art fitness center
    • Self-service launderettes
    • Port taxes & fees
    • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase
    • Viking-arranged charter flights to select destinations

    • Nordic Balcony
    • Floor-to-ceiling drying closet
    • Keepsake Viking Expedition Jacket (on polar itineraries)
    • King-sized Viking Explorer Bed with luxury linens & pillows
    • Separate seating area
    • 42" flat-screen LCD TV with intuitive remote & complimentary Movies On Demand
    • 110/220 volt outlets & USB ports
    • Spacious closet & drawers
    • Mini-bar; security safe; hair dryer
    • Spacious glass-enclosed shower
    • Heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirror
    • Premium Freyja® toiletries, plus robes & slippers
    • Stateroom steward & twice-daily housekeeping

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