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Six days - a thousand memories!

Every single nautical mile along the coastal cruise from Kirkenes to Bergen is filled with new experiences. The mountains are immutable, but the weather and the light change constantly, transforming the colours and appearance of the landscape. Here, you will encounter the soft grey of the rain, the crackling green of the Northern Lights or the golden glow of the midnight sun. Along the coast, tiny fishing villages shelter from the fierce Atlantic breakers, while larger coastal towns nestle in the narrow space between wild mountains and the seashore.


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    • The half coastal cruise from Kirkenes to Bergen.
    • 33 ports.
    • Cross the Arctic Circle.
    • Sail south of the most northerly point of the European continent.
    • Sail through the Lofoten archipelago.
    • Opportunity to visit four UNESCO World Heritage sites.
    • Opportunity to experience the Northern Lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer.

    On the southbound voyage from Kirkenes to Bergen, you visit Lofoten's many ports during the daytime, sail between the myriad islands of the Helgeland coast and have time to visit Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and sample some of the city's culinary delights.


    Rates are listed per person in USD
    Start DateEnd DateInteriorSea ViewDeluxe Sea ViewDeluxe Panoramic ViewJunior Suite with BalconyPresidential Suite
    Dec 01, 2021Dec 31, 20218691,2111,7262,0712,3014,603
    Jan 01, 2022Jan 31, 20229931,3501,9732,3672,6305,261
    Feb 01, 2022Feb 28, 20229931,3502,0252,4302,6305,261
    Mar 01, 2022Mar 31, 20221,0901,5182,2192,6632,9595,918
    Apr 01, 2022Apr 30, 20221,0881,5942,3302,7963,1076,214
    May 01, 2022May 31, 20221,1161,6352,3302,7693,1976,214
    Jun 01, 2022Jun 30, 20221,2091,7712,5893,1073,4526,905
    Jul 01, 2022Jul 31, 20221,2091,7712,5893,1073,4526,905
    Aug 01, 2022Aug 31, 20221,2091,7712,5893,1073,4526,905
    Sep 01, 2022Sep 30, 20221,1481,6832,4602,9523,2796,559
    Oct 01, 2022Oct 31, 20221,1481,6832,4602,9523,2796,559
    Nov 01, 2022Nov 30, 20228461,2721,8122,1752,4164,833
    Dec 01, 2022Dec 31, 20228461,2721,8122,1752,4164,833
    Rates are listed per person in USD
    Start DateEnd Date(Starting from)
    Deluxe Panoramic View
    Presidential Suite
    Dec 01, 2021Dec 31, 20218692,0714,603
    Jan 01, 2022Jan 31, 20229932,3675,261
    Feb 01, 2022Feb 28, 20229932,4305,261
    Mar 01, 2022Mar 31, 20221,0902,6635,918
    Apr 01, 2022Apr 30, 20221,0882,7966,214
    May 01, 2022May 31, 20221,1162,7696,214
    Jun 01, 2022Jun 30, 20221,2093,1076,905
    Jul 01, 2022Jul 31, 20221,2093,1076,905
    Aug 01, 2022Aug 31, 20221,2093,1076,905
    Sep 01, 2022Sep 30, 20221,1482,9526,559
    Oct 01, 2022Oct 31, 20221,1482,9526,559
    Nov 01, 2022Nov 30, 20228462,1754,833
    Dec 01, 2022Dec 31, 20228462,1754,833


    Dag 1   Kirkenes - Vardø - Båtsfjord - Berlevåg

    Day 2   Mehamn - Kjøllefjord - Honningsvåg - Havøysund - Hammerfest - Øksfjord - Skjervøy - Tromsø

    Day 3   Finnsnes - Harstad - Risøyhamn - Sortland - Stokmarknes - Svolvær - Stamsund

    Day 4  Bodø - Ørnes - Sandnessjøen - Brønnøysund - Rørvik

    Day 5  Trondheim - Kristiansund - Molde - Ålesund

    Day 6  Torvik - Måløy - Florø - Bergen


    Dag 1
    Ports: Kirkenes - Vardø - Båtsfjord - Berlevåg

    Welcome aboard in Kirkenes! The border with Russia is only a few kilometres away, and the road signs in Kirkenes are in Norwegian and Russian. You can go as far as the border on one of our excursions, or how about a visit to the Snowhotel where everything is made of ice and snow?


    • Snowhotel Kirkenes
    • King crab with a snowmobile on the frozen fjord, Kirkenes
    • Dog sledding in the Arctic, Kirkenes
    • Snowmobile safari in the Arctic, Kirkenes
    • The Russian border, Kirkenes
    • King crab fishing in a RIB, Kirkenes


    Day 2
    Ports: Mehamn - Kjøllefjord - Honningsvåg - Havøysund - Hammerfest - Øksfjord - Skjervøy - Tromsø

    The polar landscape changes as we sail towards the west and south again. The great expanses are replaced by steep peaks, and in the evening we sail into Tromsø. You can go to a midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral, or take a stroll in the midnight sun or under the Northern Lights and explore the nightlife of the city dubbed "The Paris of the North".


    • Snowmobile trip in the polar night, Mehamn
    • Breakfast at the North Cape Plateau, Honningsvåg
    • Midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø

    Day 3
    Ports: Finnsnes - Harstad - Risøyhamn - Sortland - Stokmarknes - Svolvær - Stamsund

    We return to the wild, idyllic Lofoten Islands . Beneath the jagged mountains lie chalky white sandy beaches and fishing villages with a vibrant fishing industry and locals using the coastal ships for everyday trips and transport. If the weather permits, we will enter the narrow Trollfjord. There is a strong possibility of spotting sea eagles here.


    • A taste of Lofoten, Harstad
    • Experience Lofoten, Svolvær
    • Golfing at Lofoten Links, Svolvær
    • Horse riding in Lofoten, Svolvær
    • Meet the people of Lofoten, Svolvær
    • Feast with the Viking chieftain,Svolvær
    • Brewery visit and beer tasting, Svolvær
    • Sea eagle safari in a RIB, Svolvær
    • Sea Eagle Safari in Trollfjorden, disembarkation from the ship


    Day 4
    Ports: Bodø - Ørnes - Sandnessjøen - Brønnøysund - Rørvik

    Now we have come so far south that we're crossing the Arctic Circle and sailing away from the polar night and the sunlit nights. But you can still see the Northern Lights in the winter, and it is never completely dark during the summer nights. Here you sail past a myriad of small islands, islets and skerries and past the special mountain, Trollhatten, which has a hole in the middle. If you wish, you can also go on the trip to the mountain and enter the hole.


    • Hiking at Torghatten, Brønnøysund
    • The Norwegian salmon adventure, Brønnøysund
    • Experience the World Heritage listed Vega Islands, Brønnøysund


    Day 5
    Ports: Trondheim - Kristiansund - Molde - Ålesund

    We sail through the wide Trondheim fjord that is bounded by rolling farmland on both sides and return to the coast and the open sea. You can disembark in Kristiansund and be driven along the Atlantic Ocean Road, which has been called the world's most beautiful drive. The road meanders along islets and skerries, and afterwards you can re-embark in Molde.


    • Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral
    • Experience the Atlantic Road, Kristiansund
    • Atlanterhavsveien and Bergtatt marble mine, Kristiansund
    • The Atlantic Ocean Road with curvy roads and bridges.
    • Ports: Trondheim - Kristiansund - Molde - Ålesund


    Day 6
    Ports: Torvik - Måløy - Florø - Bergen

    The last day of the tour takes you through a diverse coastal landscape of bare rocky mountains and a maze of sounds and waterways between many islands. The great fjords and glaciers are situated inland. Bergen awaits at the end of the voyage. We hope you have many good memories from your journey along the Norwegian coast with Havila Voyages, and we look forward to seeing you again.


    • Norway in a nutshell, Bergen
    • Experience Bergen by sailboat
    • Sea kayaking in Bergen

    Havila Ships (Expedition, 640-guests)

    Havila has a fleet of four identical ships - Havila Castor, Havila Capella, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux. The internal decor of the ships is inspired by the sea, the sky, mountains and glaciers, and the food served are traditional dishes from the local towns and villages along the route. You can view the Northern Lights and the midnight sun while seated in a comfortable lounge chair under the glass roof.

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    • Voyage in the cabin category of your choice
    • Cabin number will be given on board
    • Full board  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • Free Wifi


    • Prices are in USD per person based on two people travelling together sharing a twin cabin
    • Not all cabin categories are available for all departures
    • Single cabin pricing available on request
    • All prices are capacity controlled and subject to availability
    Havila Gold (Included for Junior - and Presidential Suite guests)
    Make your trip golden. Add Havila Gold to your voyage and enjoy extra dining choices and extra service and offers on board.

    Golden advantages:
    Food and beverage
    • Welcome pack in the cabin including sparkling wine
    • A five-course dinner in Hildring Fine Dining
    • Tea and coffee package included
    • Mineral water and cold-pressed juices with all restaurant meals
    • Havila Gold’s exclusive extra choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Priority check-in in Bergen
    • Drinks and snacks in Havblikk after check-in from Bergen or Kirkenes
    • No cover charge for room service
    • 20% discount on on-board activities
    • Discount on selected items in the shop

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    • Telephone: +1 980 498 2020
    • Telephone: +1 910 233 0774
    • WhatsApp Chat: +1 910 233 0774
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